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How to make Eggimals out of hard-cooked eggs

PEGGS (Pigs)
For feet, cut a large chunk of cheese into 4 small cubes. Set hard-cooked egg lengthwise on cubes of cheese. Cut out a round piece of cheese and use for a nose. Attach with a toothpick to the front of the pig (small end of egg). Use a small curly piece of green onion for a tail. Make eyes, ears and mouth out of cucumbers. Attach tail, eyes, ears and mouth with parts of a toothpick.

EGGAPUS (Octopus)
For the body, cut a large slice from the small end of a hard-cooked egg. Cut 8 wiggly legs from a cheese slice. Arrange on plate and set body on top. Make eyes from pieces of celery and pickle for a nose. Attach eyes and nose to head with part of a toothpick.

PEGGUIN (Penguin)
Cut a small slice off each end of a hard-cooked egg. Cut 2 thin slices from each side of a black olive for wing and 2 oval slices from another olive for feet. Attach wings to each side of egg using small pieces of a toothpick to hold them in place. Arrange feet near body. Make eyes and nose from a cheese slice. Attach to black olive head with picks. Set head on body and use toothpick to secure.

EGGO-POTAMUS (Hippopotamus)
Use two hard-cooked eggs. Cut a large wedge out of one egg to form a mouth. Attach small pieces of celery to pieces of toothpick and put in place as teeth. Make eyes from celery and cucumber slices; attach with toothpicks. Put head and body together with a toothpick.

EGGALATOR (Alligator)
Use two hard-cooked eggs. Cut a zig zag pattern for teeth in first egg. Attach pieces of celery and green pepper for eyes. Make a slit in second egg and fill with a row of corn chips. Add pickles for feet and tail. Put head and body together with a toothpick.

Slice eggs in half lengthwise. If necessary, trim a little egg white from the bottom of each egg half so that the sailboats sit flat. Slice cheese in half diagonally to make two triangles. For each sailboat, use a pretzel and cheese triangle to make a mast and sail. Carefully making two small cuts in the cheese with a knife will help.

Cut a small slice off one long side of each egg so that it will sit flat. Place egg on a plate, flat side down. Cut eight 1-inch (2.5 cm) V shapes from red pepper to make tails. Cut the radish and cucumber slices into halves or quarters to resemble scales. Using mayonnaise as glue, place the cucumber and radish scales on the egg, covering the back two-thirds and leaving space on the narrow end for the face. Cut tiny cubes from black olives to make eyes and place on the face. Cut a slit into the opposite end of the egg and insert a red pepper tail. Surround with shredded lettuce for seaweed.

Source: Manitoba Egg Producers